Favorite movement: Turkish Get Up
Cheat meal: stuffed french toast
Place to travel: Japan
Hobbies: Playing Dungeons & Dragons, studying martial arts (BJJ and muay thai in particular)
Certifications: NETA CPT, RKC Instructor, NETA Wellness Coach



Growing up I was an overweight nerd. I never played sports; I played WoW and Magic: the Gathering, and I had the physique to prove it. All through my youth I felt stuck in my own body and struggled with low self-esteem and depression. In college I decided enough was enough and looked to my heroes like Bruce Lee, Captain America and Batman for inspiration. I joined a campus martial-arts club and started working out. Through years of trial and error I found that fitness was not just an amazing outlet for my stress and ADHD, but resulted in physical changes that are satisfying and inspiring. Like my heroes, I wanted to use my newfound skills and abilities to help others so I began studying to get my first Personal Trainer certification and in 2012 began training.

Since then I’ve studied and competed in Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve trained with friends for Tough Mudders, Warrior Dash races and HEMA/stage combat shows and have even auditioned for American Ninja Warrior (I never got on, though). My wife and I have been a part of the Saint Louis Park community since 2016 and we are expecting our first child in the spring of 2019!


My mission is to build a strong community by building stronger individuals. I believe your health and fitness should be fresh, fun and specific to you and your needs. It doesn't matter if you're a teacher or a firefighter, if you're in nursing or IT. Whether you want to revitalize your workout, make progress on your current goals, or feel like you have no idea where to start. I will use my experience and expertise to get you healthier, stronger and moving well.


Along my personal journey, I learned that changing your body means also changing your habits, routines, lifestyle and mindset. I have experienced (and still do) not just the intense physical work of this kind of transformation but the mental and emotional labor as well. While the “just push through!” mindset does not work for everyone, the discomfort and fear that accompany change must be faced and conquered. Getting there seems simple but is rarely easy and it comes faster when you have a supportive community and some guidance.

I have been training clients of all shapes, size, and age since 2012 when I was first certified through NETA. My youngest client was 8 years old and my oldest was 87, but I mostly see people who are somewhere in between. My influence from martial arts and background in the Russian Kettlebell Challenge method of training means I like to focus on body awareness and functional strength and movements.