As a personal training client, you'll receive much more than just unbeatable workouts. Training at SOTA mean personalized nutrition coaching, totally free & unlimited access to HIIT Fusion classes, 24-hour access to the studio outside of your sessions, and loyalty program benefits, just to name a few.
Our home is your home. 



Work with us 1-on-1 to emphasize your individual goals and give you the highest level of attention and service. Offered in both 30 and 60 minute sessions, training 1-on-1 is the most effective approach to reaching your fitness & lifestyle goals. Just you, your trainer, and your success.


Work out with a spouse, friend, or family member as you take advantage of some extra accountability and crush your goals together. Training 2-on-1 is also a great way to get exceptional service while training on a budget. Couples, bromances, and BFFs are welcome.




What's the difference between us and any other training studio? Simply put: our strong emphasis on nutrition, accountability, and personal investment into your growth and results. That means going above and beyond our sessions in the gym.

You'll always get a top-notch workout as long as you show up, that's a given. How you spend your time outside of the gym, however, is the true measure of your long term achievements. If you miss a session or a class you committed to, you're going to hear from us. If we put a plan together for success, we're going to work together to make sure excuses don't get in the way. Accomplishments will be made, as will mistakes; what's important is how we respond to both to stay on track. That's the type of participation you should expect from an exceptional trainer, and that's the kind of involvement you can expect to get while training with us. 

We call that true accountability. It's the approach we've used to get scores of people great results.