CHEAT MEAL: french toast
PLACE TO TRAVEL: anywhere with an ocean view
HOBBIES: Watching movies (Jurassic Park is the best), going out to eat, doing anything on two wheels, playing with the doggo
CERTIFICATIONS: National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, American Council on Exercise CPT, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach



When I was 16, I was hit by a drunk driver, fracturing my spine. Just two years later, a second car accident left me with a left shoulder injury and chronic back pain. I attended countless appointments with physical therapists and did months of chiropractic and massage work, only to be told that I would have to learn to live with my chronic pain. My work capacity, social life, and personal relationships all suffered. I became depressed, sedentary, and began to withdraw from others. To make matters worse, the rest of my body became stiff and weak, and I finally began to see a connection between my inactive lifestyle and well-being. I refused to continue living this way and decided enough was enough. It was time to get my ass moving. 

From the very first time I picked up a set of weights, I recognized that there was something special about the process. After only a few months of consistent weight training and improvements in my nutrition, my chronic pain had almost completely resolved. What I was left with was a healthier body, mind, and mentality with which I have chosen to use to help others find their driving force for a healthier lifestyle. I've been training in a variety of setting since 2013 and founded SOTA in 2017. SOTA Fitness is my baby, and I've put my blood, sweat, and a few tears into making this place one of the best studios in the Twin Cities. 


The fitness industry is pretty whack. You don't know who to believe anymore and everyone is trying to sell you the next best shortcut to success. We don't believe in shortcuts at SOTA. We believe in educating you to understand what's actually important, and ditching the rest of the nonsense. We believe in getting outside of your comfort zone, because that's where the the results are. We believe in holding yourself accountable while learning balance and getting super freaking strong.

Getting you results isn't complicated. We're going back to the basics of eating real food, staying accountable, and working hard in the gym. We'll push through barriers and learn how to stay dedicated to the process outside of the gym. Working out should be challenging, fun, and pain-free, and we'll work around any special circumstances or injuries you come in with to get you there. If you let us hold you accountable, you're going to achieve exceptional results.


After graduating with a degree in psychology and pre-med in 2013, I began pursuing my dream of becoming a physician assistant. While preparing to apply to graduate school, I earned my personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise and began training at a private fitness studio doing 1-1 training and group classes. During that time, I was also working in the emergency room at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in an effort to earn experience hours for graduate school. After working months in the ER, I had the realization that the effect I was having on peoples' lives in the gym as a trainer, coach, and motivator far surpassed what I would ever have in the medical field. I decided it was time to become an independent trainer in 2015, and I haven't looked back since.