CHEAT MEAL:  All the ice cream
PLACE TO TRAVEL: Australia- throw some shrimp on the barbie!
HOBBIES: Balancing chemical equations, cooking, biking, reading, and traveling!
CERTIFICATIONS: ACE CPT, ACE-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Les Mills BodyPump certified



Not to sound like a drama queen, but fitness changed my life when I was in college.  Growing up I was overweight and, although I played tennis, was fairly sedentary.  I had no idea what it meant to “eat healthy” or “live an active lifestyle” and saw no value in those things.  Since I had no knowledge of what a balanced and healthy lifestyle was when I went to college I became even more sedentary, adapted the dietary style of most college kids, partook in unhealthy extracurriculars, and continued to gain a significant amount of weight.  As my weight went up, my mental health went down- I lost my confidence, struggled with anxiety and depression, lost my motivation and spunk, and let my academics slide.  Finally halfway through sophomore year I woke up and decided that I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing and figured I would try this whole fitness thing out.  Although the first time I stepped foot into the gym I was scared out of my mind and had absolutely no idea what I was doing, how to use any equipment, or how to program a workout, I quickly discovered how being strong physically helped me stay strong mentally.  I started noticing I had more energy, I was losing a little weight, I felt more confident, and I was way more focused on my studies.  I continued to see the benefits of working out and became more motivated each day.  I decided I wanted to train to be a competitive endurance athlete so I joined the triathlon club, focused on nourishing my body, started programing my training more intensely, and PR’d a half marathon at 1:35 in -18°, a physical and mental achievement I never would have thought I was capable of previously.  More importantly through my fitness journey, I rediscovered my self-worth, got my grades back up, walked with my head held high, and ultimately fell in love with this idea of a healthy lifestyle.


I am a firm believer in creating healthy lifestyles, not quick fixes.  I am also all about balance.  We only get one life to live, so it’s important to enjoy it!  Workouts should be fun and food should taste good, otherwise it’s not sustainable.  It is my dream to inspire every person to find a lifestyle that includes daily movement, nutrition that feeds the body and soul, and a passion to wake up and rock each day.


I began teaching high intensity group fitness in 2013 while pursuing my degree in Chemistry Education.  After graduating from college I became an ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and began 1 on 1 training.  I have expertise in working with endurance athletes as I am also a cross country and track coach.