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Our clients are truly what make SOTA Fitness an experience like no other. Our community is full of members who are passionate, driven, and know how to make you feel right at home.



"SOTA has the best trainers I have ever worked with! They’ve helped me lose nearly sixty pounds and completely transform my health and appearance. They have a complete diet and exercise program that helps you eat properly, get into great shape and feel much better. I haven't ever been in this good of shape in my life! They really help working people like me who are overweight and out of shape change their lives. The work outs incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) along with many types of strength training. They give you a complete menu to follow. They will counsel you through the entire process and tailor everything to you."

MIKE GAVIN, September 2016

Mike Gavin May 2017.jpg


"I have to admit that I have never had good luck with gyms nor trainers in my past; but SOTA was suggested to me by someone who I dearly trust and admire. So when I decided I have had enough with my weight I went to see them. I was very over weight and very out of shape. I was embarrassed as well as not sure what to expect. Phillip made me feel comfortable he has worked with me and my very difficult at times health (and attitude) and has made me feel more confident about taking care of myself. Even after having to go through major surgery which took me out for a couple of months I returned weaker than when I started and Phillip has cheered me along helping me get my strength back and to just be a healthier person. He listens, understands, but also does not me get away with my own negative talk and feelings. He is a true trainer and a wonderful man."

JASON LUCAS, January 2017




"I have tried everything under the sun to try and shed pounds over the past 10+ years! SOTA offers expertise in both training and nutrition. The 1:1 training and HIIT classes have changed my life. I continue to shed weight and feel great doing it. The 1:1 sessions are excellent, Phil shows me the correct technique for strength training and pushes me to do my best. I feel so comfortable in his HIIT Classes. Everyone is so friendly and we all encourage each other to push on. He constantly reminds me to stick with it no matter what life throws my way. I never thought I would say I enjoy working out and eating healthy."

JENNY BRUNN, March 2017




"I can't say enough good things about my experience training with SOTA! I came to Phil frustrated with trying to run by myself, do "21 day fix" programs etc. For years I've been working out on and off with no real results and a lot of frustration. With their program and guidance, I am pretty consistently working out 3 days a week now. I am amazed with how my body has transformed after just a month. The program and approach is so straightforward, effective and efficient. They provide convenient options for workout times and have helped me with my nutrition as well. I would recommend SOTA to EVERYONE who is looking to improve their fitness and ultimately the quality of their lives. They are truly the best at what they do!"

HANNAH KRUTSCH, October 2016



"SOTA is the best. They always come up with challenging workouts but also those that are tailored to your needs and ability. My legs have never been this sculpted!! They've helped me lose a ton without being bossy or making me feel bad when I have a bad week. Great classes too!!"


AMANDA CEFALU, October 2015



"I've been working with Phil for just under 2 months and I'm absolutely hooked. At first, I was skeptical, "is this guy going to know how to train a swimmer?" but he does...he definitely knows his stuff. I see Phil 3x a week after my morning swim practice and some days I'm totally wiped out, but he expects nothing but my best and he's the perfect combination of motivator and hard-ass. He's not going to let you get away with anything but what you're fully capable of doing and he's going to work with you until you get there. I truly can't say enough good things about my short time training with Phil."

KATY COOMBE, February 2017




"Phil is just a fantastic trainer and person. His HIIT classes and PT sessions are always so well thought out and spot on. The workouts are super challenging but he is very focused on everyone so if you're new or beginning, he's there to guide you through modifications and your form. And he pushes you! Every workout I get to a point where I want to stop the reps. And I probably would if I was on my own. But he motivates you, and encourages you to keep going. And it's such a fantastic feeling when you've finished it! He uses all types of equipment, weights, machines, body weight, TRX straps, name it. I can't say enough positive things about Phil! Give him a try!"

MELISSA HOAG, February 2014




"What makes SOTA stand out from other trainers is their ability to push you beyond your limits while always making sure safety comes first. They are always requesting one or two more rounds of intervals than I would do on my own, but continuously watching everyone's form, checking in and suggesting modifications. Not something you will find with most trainers!"

SARA BUNN, January 2016



"Phil is hands down the best trainer I've ever worked with! In a nutshell, he's all about accountability - and, most importantly, identifying what works for your lifestyle/personality to maintain that accountability. Their workouts are killer (in a good way) with tons of variety and the nutritional guidance is spot-on and personalized. They are intelligent, dedicated and awesome motivators! I highly recommend both the HIIT classes and personal training!"

ANN SCHNEIDER, November 2015

Ann Schneider 12 month.jpg


"Training at SOTA has been an awesome experience. The trainers are passionate about what they do and it shows through their constant commitment to clients. He's always challenging and encouraging his clients during the structured work outs in order for you to reach your best potential. My fiancé and I have been training 2-on-1 with Phil and he does a great job tailoring the work outs to both of our abilities. We have also really appreciated that he incorporates nutrition goals and truly holds you accountable to stick to your plan."

MITCH BRUMM, December 2016




"They are extremely knowledgable about both fitness and nutrition and always push me to do my best and accomplish things I didn't think I could. Phil may be clam and quiet but he delivers killer workouts every time!"





"Phil is hands down the best trainer I've ever worked with! His one-on-one sessions and HIIT Fusion classes are challenging, fun, and always leave me feeling accomplished and motivated to continue pushing to and beyond my limits. Phil has a clear passion and wealth of knowledge for fitness and nutrition, and will go the extra mile to motivate and help his clients achieve their goals. I have a demanding work schedule with frequent travel, and Phil has been great in offering flexible session times and nutrition tips catered specifically to my situation."

JESSI ST. MARIE, August 2016