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APRIL 17th - May 29th

We’re prepping you for summer with 6 weeks of clean eating, accountability, and unlimited classes!

The Summer Reset is a 6 week detox and elimination diet designed to reset your nutrition
and tune up your workouts with the support and guidance of our entire team of coaches.

By detoxing and enforcing daily nutrition habits, you can regenerate your liver, gut, lymphatic system, kidneys,
lungs, and skin, as well as reduce or eliminate inflammation that occurs from eating the wrong foods!
Expect to burn fat, lose inches off of your waistline, and feel amazing.


We’ll show you how easy it is to eat clean! We’ve included 6 weeks of easy to follow meal planning, a recipe book, unlimited email support, and everything else you need to jumpstart your nutrition for summer season. We’ve specifically designed the nutrition portion of the Summer Reset for busy parents and professionals who want results on a tight schedule.



Train with our coaches 3-5 days per week with a blend strength and interval training that has become one of the Twin Cities’ highest rated workouts. Expect to burn body fat, increase muscle tone, and build your metabolism as you build lean muscle and give shape to your body. We'll track your progress to show you how your body is changing and give you the tools to make sure you see lasting results!

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The summer reset is a team based program that includes weekly check-ins from your coach, private Facebook group updates, unlimited email support, and everything else you need to stay motivated to succeed! The team of two who drops the most body fat and inches from their waist earn the program for free!



  • 6 week clean eating nutrition plan with weekly meal plan, smoothie recipes, and snack ideas so you’re always prepared!

  • Access to our entire team of coaches and multiple levels of accountability to keep you motivated every step of the way

  • Access to 22 conveniently timed classes offered 7 days of the week (making it super easy to get your sessions in!)

  • Access to a private Facebook support group with weekly updates

  • Unlimited email support with your nutrition coaches

  • Body composition testing, full body measurements, strength & stamina benchmarks, and more!

  • Discounts on personal training to target specific goals

  • A follow up guide and special offers on memberships post-program

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