Lack of accountability is one of the biggest reasons people cannot lose the weight they want. It’s tough to keep a laser focus on something that could take several weeks to several years to accomplish. Social support can keep you honest to your weight-loss plan and keep you motivated along the way.

This secret is quite a gem because anyone can be an accountability partner. Look to friends, family, co-workers, superiors, mentors, personal trainers, teachers, kids or fellow SOTA 6 week challenge members – the possibilities are endless. All that matters is that person wants you to succeed as much as you want to.

You can even get creative in your search for accountability by turning to the latest technology. The Internet is doused with weight loss forums (check and hundreds can be found at your fingertips with a simple Google search. On these forums, you can post your food and exercise logs so like-minded people can comment and offer you their advice and encouragement.

If you are tech savvy, climb onto the social networking bandwagon to find a weight loss community. On the micro-blogging site, Instagram, you can update your social support network with short and frequent posts about your meals and workouts in real-time. Gather your network by “following” people who are interested in fitness or nutrition. Any slip-ups in either and you can bet your “followers” will be on your case. Even people you don’t know will add their two cents.

On Facebook, you can update your friends and SOTA 6 week metabolic challenge group members with longer posts about your weight-loss plan. You can also upload photos of your progress, post notes about your hang-ups and chat with your supporters. I’ve even been known to make comments about current or former client’s meals – so watch out!

Nobody can really pinpoint why social support is so valuable in the weight loss game, but including family and friends in your plan has proven highly effective. Your supporters do not necessarily have to be working towards the same weight-loss goals, but by surrounding yourself with people who can encourage you in healthy eating and exercise you will be well on the road to the leaner you.

On the flip side, try to avoid people who won’t support your healthy lifestyle. Hanging out with people who make fun of you for your whole grain snacks or who are stuffing fries down their throats while you nibble on carrot sticks will only slow your progress. Instead, engage in a positive environment with a positive support system that will encourage you to keep living healthily and stay driven toward your goals.

Get out there now and begin gathering your network of supporters, whether they be friends, family or the SOTAfitness community! Fill them in on your specific weight, nutrition and fitness goals and let them know if they should scold you for slacking. If you do, I guarantee your chances of succeeding will increase dramatically.

Via: Jason Yun

Ali Deraney